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  • Hera


    With its captivating composition and contrasting color combination, this necklace also adds a distinctive versatility and sophistication to any collection. The three layers of tassels with green and gold patina reclaimed brass create a luxurious necklace and alternating pattern. Its effortless earthy elegance makes a goddess statement. 17" plus 3" extension.
  • Phoebe


    Edgy in its linear geometry, this necklace was inspired by the colors, designs and architecture of Mexico. The reclaimed brass open structure of the connected shapes is accented with clusters of small turquoise roughs. It's quite a style-defining and statement-making piece. 23 1/2" plus 3" extension.
  • Crius


    Three necklaces in one, this delicate goddess necklace features geometric shapes and a strand of light blue turquoise beads. This is a perfect everyday necklace, worn it and you have a beautiful perfectly layered necklace. 16" plus extension.
  • Themis


    Strong and fluid, this statement necklace features multi-strand chains and a dramatic tassle. All gold plated reclaimed brass chains. A stunning and confident alternative to the ubiquitous gold chain necklace, this adds confident goddess style, a notch above the ordinary. 24".
  • Hyperion


    Modern and streamlined, this vintage rhinestone bangle bracelet is an effortless, elegant addition to any contemporary goddess collection. The gold plated reclaimed brass rectangular bangle is covered with shimmering silver gray and clear rhinestones. Sculptural and distinctive, this bangle has a stretchy cord built in to fit most smaller size wrists. It is a standout on its own, or layered with your other favorites.
  • Gaia


    Funky, fun and edgy, this elegant cuff bangle adds an element of rock star glam to your wrist. Bangle of gold plated reclaimed brass with lines of metal feathers. It has a style-defining sophistication and stunning, confident style fit for a goddess. 1" tall with adjustable open cuff that fits most wrists.
  • Hebe


    Stunning with its unbelievable intricacy and fluid drape, this cuff bracelet will fast become your favorite wrist wear. A row of chain tassle on each ends of the gold plated reclaimed brass cuff with hammered surface creates that fluidity yet substantial effect. Alone, it has a style-defining sophistication that adds incredible texture and depth. Tall 2 1/4 inch, adjustable open cuff fits most wrists.
  • Inanna


    Colorful and vibrant, these earrings have a fashionable goddess style. Turquoise roughs and clear quartz dangling beneath the reclaimed brass chain. The pop of color you need with the coolness of the shoulder duster length of the single chain will quickly become your favorite go-to pair. 6 5/8" long.
  • Leto


    With a brilliant and perfectly goddess design, these earrings are a stunning combination of hand-selected turquoise beads and clear quartz. The turquoise cascade dangles from the open triangle design creating a pair of incredible earrings with an unparalleled earthy elegance. Whether paired with something casual or more formal, they will stand apart from anything else in your collection. 1 1/8" X 4 5/8"
  • Cronus


    Modern and earthy, these earrings have a sculptural presence. An arrangement of reclaimed brass rectangle shapes hang from one and other create an inverted triangle, just the right amount of texture and movement with the chains. Turquoise accents on both sides add a subtle color interest to the design. Truly unique, eye-catching and ideal for everyday, these earrings are a perfect gift for yourself or a friend.1 3/8" X 3 1/8"
  • Zeus


    With a hand-wrought and detailed design, these stunning Zeus earrings are a perfect example of goddess femininity. The dangling bland beads connecting the two reclaimed brass chains create a playful interpretation. Anchoring the airy, ethereal look are the natural clear white quartz at the bottom. The cascade exudes an eye-catching, elegant sophistication, making them the perfect pair for any outfit. 3 1/2".
  • Hestia


    Powerful and distinct, this bohemian Hestia necklace makes a cool, talismanic statement. The reclaimed brass compass pendant is accented with a saturated vintage faux lapis and pearls for an eye-catching element of contrast and texture. Perfect alone, this also adds a dynamic element of style to your favorite statement collection. 14" + 3" extension.
  • Aphrodite


    Full of rich earthy design and eye-catching distinction, this very limited edition of Aphrodite necklace possess the ultimate goddess allure. The reclaimed brass round charms are covered in a surface of etched detailing. The layered necklace connects to varied lengths and styles of brass chains accented with a center sun ray turquoise medallion. 16" plus 3" extension.
  • Apollo


    Bold and straightforward in the goddess warrior inspired design, this Apollo necklace features a sun ray of spiked rays forged out of reclaimed brass on one side and vintage clear rhinestones peak out from the other for a glam-meets-ancient aesthetic. 16" plus 3" extension.
  • Eileithyia


    A gypsy-goddess style complements the effortlessly chic look of this long, multi-strands drapey necklace. Oval antiqued texture medallions make a statement with strands of dark reclaimed brass, combining to form an eye-catching arrangement. This versatile necklace can easily be dressed up or down. 30".
  • Rhea


    Earthy, elegant and distinctive, these Rhea earrings have a bohemian presence that is sure to elevate your favorite looks. The design is full of eye-catching movement and rich warmth. Perfect as a gift for yourself or a friend, these are as affordable as they are easy-to-wear. 1 3/8" X 2 1/4".
  • Metis


    With their earthy appeal, these earrings add movement and design to your favorite looks. Reclaimed brass crescent hangs freely with a turquoise bead and a base of brass chain tassels creating a cool composition of style and design. As casual or as dressy as you like, these are sure to become a staple in your goddess collection. 1 1/8" X 4 1/4".
  • Lapetus


    Neutral enough for everyday, yet with a welcome pop of color, these earrings are the modern boho goddess symbol. A sun ray design triangle of reclaimed brass point downward and dangle with a rough cut turquoise. Add these to your collection for a sophisticated addition of color. 1 3/8" X 3 1/2"
  • Hades


    Inspired by the organic shapes in nature, the Hades earrings are a creative and wearable interpretation of just that. Little hand-hammered feathers of reclaimed brass hang from a ring. 2 3/8" tall.
  • Theia


    These funky-cool earrings have a bohemian, chic style. Connecting one to another, reclaimed brass crescent moon drops form a linear arrangement. The slight hammered texture lends an ethnic feel, and the airiness of the earrings makes them easy to wear. Width and length: 1" X 2 5/8".
  • Hermes


    Ultra-bold and statement-making, this Hermes cuff exudes an effortless, confident style. The solid brass bracelet has a sculptural curve and creates a striking, earthy vibe. Two sizes to choose from: Tall 3 1/2 inches and Short 2 1/2 inches.
  • Artemis


    Bold, big and statement-making, the reclaimed brass bracelet has a hammered surface and wide, dramatic width. Alone or paired with other cuffs, it is exudes a modern, exotic and confident look. 3 inches tall.
  • Oak Creek

    Oak Creek

    Earthy and eclectic, this cuff was influenced by the folk art and symbolism of the Southwest. The patina greenish finish on the copper is distinctive, and add so much more character to this statement style. Open cuff adjustable to most wrist sizes. 1 3/8".
  • Wupatki


    Honoring the elements, earth, metal, and water, this bracelet is a powerful way to channel your inner strength. A starfish is cast in recycled copper and patina with a delicately texture. Bangle 2 1/4" diameter.
  • Zonies


    Drawing inspiration from spiritual iconography of mexican culture, this rich patina copper bangle features a meticulously etched heart at the center. A feminine yet strong presence, wear it alone or nestle it in with your other favorites for a mystical look. 2 1/2".
  • Canyon Wren

    Canyon Wren

    Inspired by the intricate hand work of mexican weave basket, these earrings showcase tones of blue green patina, copper and turquoise mingle in a pattern that will add an eye-catching element to your look. Four oval turquoise beads at each point of the diamond shape add an earthy preciousness to the whole design. 1 1/8" X 2"
  • Coconino


    Quietly casual and with a nod to your inner nature lover, these petal earrings are engraved with the detailed flowers. Thoroughly feminine yet with the dark patina, they make a mystical statement. 2 1/8" long.
  • Palatki


    Cool and distinctive, this pendant necklace adds a carefree, relaxed style to any outfit. A patina blue green copper starfish with fluid, elegant lines is adorned with sparkling vintage crystal pavé in the center. Dangling from blackened copper chain, the look is dramatic but perfect for every day wear. Necklace 16" +extension.
  • Kachinadolls


    A smooth cabochon of blue turquoise is surrounded by a frame of etched patina copper with floral motif. Turquoise is believed to be a stone of protection, wear this ring to channel self-acceptance and enable the highest source of love. 1 1/8".
  • Fay Canyon

    Fay Canyon

    Inspired by the designs and architecture of Mexican culture, these distinctive blackened recycled copper earrings are modern and playful, accentuating details with an open structure of round shapes. 1 1/4" X 1 7/8"
  • Verde Valley

    Verde Valley

    Triangular composition creates this pair of copper dangle earrings with greenish patina color. The native american inspired design gives them a slight folk tribal style. They add a hint of vibrant color to any contemporary boho collection. 1 3/4" X 2 1/2".
  • Bellrock


    Elegant, yet dramatic design, these earrings balance the rustic and the fluid. They dangle from earwires to create a cool, bold feminine look. Made with patina recycled copper. 7/8" X 2 1/2".
  • Hopi Mesas

    Hopi Mesas

    Open and airy, these highly sculpted earrings have an antique floral motif of blackened patina copper. The design creates a dramatic, modern, mobile-like look. Earthy and sophisticated, they provide a rustic contrast to your feminine side. 1 1/2" X 2 1/4".
  • Red Agave

    Red Agave

    Like an archaeological find, these earrings have an edgy, earthy vibe. Rough in texture, curvy in form, each earring retains its own shape to create a pair of earrings with stark, modern form. Made with patina recycled copper. 1 3/8" X 2".
  • Alcott Ring

    Alcott Ring

    The boho nautical theme of Malibu inspired this little ring. Made with reclaimed brass with a centered anchor design on the polished band. Add it to a stacking collection as a mid ring, or wear it on your index or pinky finger. Size 4 1/2. Check out the Alcott bracelet set too!
  • Malibu Star

    Malibu Star

    Earthy and feminine, yet with the boho theme of the Malibu, this little ring has a sweet, striking presence. Light blue turquoise epoxy covers the surface of the reclaimed brass gold starfish which is centered on the polished band. Add it to a stacking collection as a mid ring, or wear it on your pinky finger. Size 3.
  • Tri-Petals Ring

    Tri-Petals Ring

    This classic three stone sparkling vintage crystals ring set in textured reclaimed brass band can represent past, present and future and be worn as a sweet, elegant fashion band. Or, add it to your stacked ring collection for added glimmer. Understated, simple and modern it's a wonderful ring you can wear with any other ring. Size 4 1/2.
  • Infinity Ring

    Infinity Ring

    The Infinity symbol is a perfect little token of adoration. Two styles and sizes available. Choose from a smooth infinity in size 4 or a rope style infinity in size 5. Made with goldplated reclaimed brass. Balancing a feminine whimsy, with minimal design, this is a perfect little reminder for someone you love.
  • Im Single Ring

    Im Single Ring

    This solitaire mid or pinky ring is delicately set with a single vintage crystal. Band made with goldplated reclaimed brass. It would also make a great addition to a cool, contemporary stacking ring collection. Size 3. Also check out the Im Single bracelet!
  • Collinear Cross Ring

    Collinear Cross Ring

    This side cross vintage crystal studded ring is delicately set with goldplated reclaimed brass. It would also make a great addition to a cool, contemporary stacking ring collection. Size : 4 1/2 open cuff style. Also check out the Collinear Cross shoulder duster earrings!
  • Perfect Skinny

    Perfect Skinny

    Ultra modern and minimal, this skinny band is truly the perfect thin band. The polished surface is sophisticated and hand-finished. It would also make a great addition to a cool, contemporary stacking mid ring collection. Available in plated yellow gold, rose gold and silver over reclaimed brass. Size 3, a perfect mid or pinky ring.
  • Malibu Creek

    Malibu Creek

    This fluid and movement-filled one-of-a-kind statement necklace is fun and refreshingly cool, just as the Malibu Creek! Strands of cascading burnished gold plated reclaimed brass chains dangle lightly with clear quartz floating in the center. Worn over a simple top or dress, this necklace injects pizzazz into any outfit! Necklace 17" +ext, front drops 4 1/2". New! Also available with pyrite or turquoise.
  • Park Place Stable

    Park Place Stable

    With a modern aesthetic and a hint of tribal design, this one-of-a-kind Malibu necklace has a funky, eclectic look perfect for you who loves a statement necklace. Spanning the center portion of this bold resort style necklace are cross rope chain and a round pendant with cascading chains and a clear quartz centerpiece. Necklace 24" + ext, drops 5 1/2" in front. *** Clear quartz now sold out. New edition comes with pyrite stone instead.
  • Malibu Canyon

    Malibu Canyon

    With a modern aesthetic and a hint of tribal design, this one-of-a-kind Malibu necklace has a funky, eclectic look perfect for you who loves a statement necklace. Spanning the center portion of this bold resort style necklace are cross rope chain and a round pendant with small triangle cutouts and a clear quartz centerpiece. Necklace 24" + ext, front design drops 3".
  • Decca


    Airy and elegant with an Art Deco element, these geometric shapes make them modern, while the goldplated reclaimed brass has a refined eco look. Throw your hair up and wear them with your favorite dress! Earrings 3" long.
  • Tri-Petals


    This limited edition fairylike flowers of sparkling vintage crystals set in reclaimed brass bangle creating a lovely feminine piece of wrist accessory. The opening between two clusters of petals allows for slight adjustment to fit wrist. Diameter 2 1/2".
  • Im Single

    Im Single

    Feminine and sophisticated, this bracelet's sweetness is tempered by its understated vibe. A yellow gold heart dotted with sparkling vintage Swarovski crystals is at the center of the reclaimed brass bangle. It's perfect for a beginning jewelry lover, or a trendy addition for the seasoned collector. Diameter 2 1/4 with hook closure.
  • Paraglider I

    Paraglider I

    This fluid and draping necklace has an eye-catching, modern style. Gold plated reclaimed brass chains connect with two turquoise creating a movement-filled display of chains. Wear it over a simple dress or top to add a fun and funky look to any outfit. Necklace 18"+ext and drops 4" in the front.
  • Paraglider II

    Paraglider II

    This fluid and draping necklace has an eye-catching, modern style. Gold plated reclaimed brass chains connect with two genuine clear quartz creating a movement-filled display of chains. Wear it over a simple dress or top to add a fun and funky look to any outfit. Necklace 18"+ext and drops 4" in the front.
  • Kitesurfer


    A clear and sparkly faceted clear quartz with glass beads setting hangs from the center of a in a reclaimed brass necklace. Simple and straightforward, yet contemporary and feminine, nothing stands between you and the natural beauty of the stone. Necklace 17" plus extension, pendant 1" tall.
  • Waves


    Dramatic and statement-making, this cool and contemporary bracelet has a bold pattern inspired by the waves of the Malibu water. The hand-fabricated bracelet is a series of linear designs and open spaces creating a striking balance. Diameter 2 1/2", 2" tall.
  • Centerfold


    This Element cuff imparts a quiet, commanding power to any look. The sleek, high polish reclaimed brass cuff rests on the wrist for a modern clean look. Try wear this on its own as a minimal, smart statement piece. No clasp open design adjustable to fit any wrist.
  • Point Mugu

    Point Mugu

    Handsome and bold, this turquoise bracelet has a wearable edge that incorporates seamlessly into any jewelry collection. Smooth reconstituted turquoise are arranged with silver beads on stretch cord that fits any wrist size and a breeze to put on. Accented with a blue green tassle and gold plated leaf, this bracelet is an easy way to add a boho-chic element to your look.
  • Paperboat


    Remember when my sisters and I were little and we were so good at making origami. This is definitely a nostalgic precious piece to me. Made only a couple pieces of this limited edition necklace 16" + extension. Pendant about 1" X 1/2 ". Made with silverplated reclaimed brass.
  • Heart 2 Heart

    Heart 2 Heart

    Two delicate hearts, each measure approx 1/2" tall across, entwined on fine curb chain necklace. Wear it to symbolize a relationship, special connection or your attachment to your true self. It is a perfect, well-priced everyday piece of jewelry. Clockwise from top left: choice of brass, gold, antiqued silver, and silver. 16" long with 3" extension.
  • Heart Of Gold

    Heart Of Gold

    Definitely an expression of love and a year-round favorite, this hand-hammered reclaimed brass heart dangles sideways along the fine goldfilled cable chain and rests quietly at the base of the neck. Wear this on it's own as a subtle statement-maker, or layer it with your other favorites for a cool, personalized look. Necklace 18". Pendant 1" X 1 3/4".
  • El Matador

    El Matador

    A meticulously sculpted leaf hang together with a smooth turquoise drop forming an elegant, natural composition. The leaves are with subtle edges in a beautiful matte gold, plated over reclaimed brass. They measure about 2 1/4" in length.
  • El Pescador

    El Pescador

    Add an unusual and artistic flair to your collection with these! Inspired by the random geometry and inherent beauty of nature, these earrings are reclaimed brass renditions of sea fans. Beautifully stylized, the webbed shapes dangle and turquoise drop measures 2" long.
  • Lagoon


    This Lagoon pendant is a work of modern, wearable art with a earthy vibe. Across the crescent shaped brass pendant is a cut out of seascape depicting the moon and crashing waves at high tide while the tassle chains represent the receding water on the shore. Hanging from a 29" + extension reclaimed brass chain, this distinctive piece takes any outfit to another level. Pendant 3" X 4 1/2".
  • La Piedra

    La Piedra

    Earthy and feminine, these earrings have all of the power and style you need without the blingy, in-your-face look. The turquoise teardrops are set in a cut out petal configuration in reclaimed brass. 2 1/4" long.

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