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  • Wright


    With a minimal, modern and stark architectural geometry, this Wright necklace exudes a strong, confident style. Pendant is meticulously constructed from reclaimed brass and it hangs from the center of the choker style necklace to create striking, style-defining piece of modern jewelry. Cuff necklace 16", pendant drops 1 1/2".
  • Krasner Set

    Krasner Set

    Rough and rugged, yet bold and sophisticated, this one-of-a-kind necklace and earrings set is all about its hand-wrought, rough design. The slabs of asymmetrically cut recycled acrylic have subtly textured surfaces and angular edges. Earthy, eclectic and eye-catching, the necklace pairs with a shorter chain with a small pyramid charm and earrings. Necklace length : 18 1/2" + ext. Earrings : 1".
  • O'Keeffe III

    O’Keeffe III

    Bring the earthy cool vibe to your style with this necklace and earrings set. The shark tooth is enameled with black patina and gold. Wear the set, or wear the pieces separately, you'll love the funky, breezy and style-defining look. Necklace 18" + extension, Pendent 7/8", Earrings : 3/4".
  • Gurhan


    With a bohemian elegance and easy-to-wear style, these spear earrings and necklace are sure to elevate your favorite casual looks. The spears are hand hammered to create that one of a kind texture. Affordable and easy to wear, these pieces are sold as a set and are a perfect gift for yourself or a friend. Necklace length: 18 1/4" + ext. Pendant : 1". Earrings : 3/4" long.
  • Chinook


    The spirit of water made abstract, this pendant expresses a balance of light and form. The negative space is just as important as the positive space made by the green patina copper. It's quite a modern and delicate piece showcasing a different facet in the rich native american culture. Imagine the many ways you could pair these with your favorite wardrobe items. Necklace 18", Pendant 2 1/4" X 1/2".
  • Quinault


    Bring the earthy cool vibe of the native american to your style with this necklace and earrings set. The patina copper shark tooth is lightly engraved. Wear the set, or wear the pieces separately, you'll love the funky, breezy and style-defining look. Necklace 18" + extension, Pendent 7/8", Earrings : 3/4".
  • Yakaya


    Lyrical and feminine with a rustic edge, this Dreamcatcher necklace is perfect for the woman with a boho-chic sense of style. A green patina design with square frame and three feather shaped dangles for a soft, and interesting element of movement. Perfect for day or night, this necklace makes a strong, unassuming statement. See the matching earrings too!
  • Raramuri


    Flaunt your inner (and outer) style-defining warrior with this strong and distinctive pendant necklace. The subtly curved and subtly tapered copper pendant is strung on reclaimed goldplated gold chain to create a statement-making necklace with an edgy, modern design. 18" + ext. Check out the Raramuri earrings too!
  • Seminole


    This snowflake pendant is inspired by a seminole eye-catching symbol, made with patina copper. This is a distinctive piece you will never want to take off. Necklace 18", pendant 1 1/8" diameter.
  • Ute Pendant

    Ute Pendant

    With its talismanic appeal, this necklace is a charming addition to any jewelry ensemble. The patina copper wishbone pendant is hand forged and hangs from the base of a delicate reclaimed copper chain. Perfect alone, it also adds a playful element of dimension to your favorite layered looks. Necklace 18" + ext, Pendant 1" X 1 7/8".
  • Chahta


    Bold and earthy with a modern design inspired by Native American symbols and jewelry, this Chahta double feather pendant necklace and earrings set has a striking, style-defining presence. Necklace adorn with a clear crystal as symbol of clarity and along side the long burnished silver necklace, the favorite turquoise craft beads add more interest to the piece. Alone or added to a layered look, it exudes a confident sense of style. Necklace length: 33". Earrings drop length 2".
  • Maeve


    Tassle, tassle, tassle! This necklace features a natural raw cut stone with this season's favorite tassle, showing the ultimate boho feminine look. Wear solo or as part of a group for an individual look. Length: 27" + ext, Pendant : 7/8" X 4 1/4". Choice of purple amethyst, green amethyst and pink quartz.
  • Pieona


    A trio of juicy fuchsia glass give this necklace a splash of feminine color. Each of the free form beads is covered in a set in a meticulously hand-crafted 14k recycled gold to create a vertical pendant. It hangs from the center of the goldplated reclaimed brass chain to create a modern, elegant necklace you can wear solo or pair with a layered collection. Length : 21 + ext, Pendant : 1 1/8" X 2 1/4".
  • Niva


    Modern and edgy, this pendant is dramatic in their straightforward design. Giant raw cut green amethyst dangles from reclaimed brass wires to create a look of contemporary boho chic. The size of stone varies. Necklace 29 1/2" + ext. Pendant: approx 7/8" X 2".
  • Beatrix


    With modern, clean lines, a splash of color and an elegant design, this is a necklace with airy lightness. The raw cut amethyst, available in violet and light green, hangs from two fine layers of goldplated reclaimed brass chains. The perfect length for layering with other favorites, it also has a sexy simplicity worn solo. Necklace 19+25" + ext.
  • Imogen


    Full of eye-catching movement and earthy elegance this layered necklace is full of bohemian allure. The shorter layer made of a single tiny vintage charm. Longer layer features the faceted marquis of skyblue turquoise, framed in a thin bezel of vintage crystals against the coral frame. They are finished with a free hanging array of goldplated reclaimed brass chains. Dramatic and distinctive, these are unlike anything in your jewelry collection. Necklace: 19" and 23 1/2".
  • Margot


    Sleek and powerful, this sexy necklace is the perfect finishing touch to any look. A colorful fan shape encrusted pendant is covered in a surface of pavé set vintage crystals for a distinct balance of texture and sparkle. The pendant is finished with a shimmering row of goldplated reclaimed brass tassels. Perfect alone, it also lends a dynamic element of style to your favorite layered looks.
  • Sage


    This funky, cool necklace exudes an easygoing, carefree sense of style. Made out of reclaimed brass, the tooth dangles from a smooth, horizontal piece of blue turquoise set in brass. Long enough to layer with other pieces, this will quickly become a staple in your ever-evolving jewelry collection. Necklace : 29 1/2" + ext, Pendnat: 1 3/8" X 4 1/8".
  • Maia


    Powerful and distinct, this necklace makes a cool, talismanic statement. The engraved crescent pendant is accented with a single drop of turquoise for an eye-catching element of contrast and texture. The longer layer is made with six oval turquoise and triangular elements, and a rough cut quartz. Perfect alone, this also adds a dynamic element of style to your favorite boho collection. Necklace : 18" + ext, Pendant: 5 3/8".
  • Lux


    Luminous and magical with its subtle sparkle, this vintage pin turned pendant has the ultimate boho feminine look. The gold tone ten-pointed star is set with shimmering crystals and a chain tassle to create a beautifully crafted pendant. Wear solo or as part of a group for an individual look. Necklace: 32" + ext, Pendant : 3" long.
  • Orla


    With its earthy design and edgy appeal, this necklace and earrings set adds movement and design to your favorite looks. Reclaimed brass chain with triangle stations hang freely with the center twin tassels creating a cool composition of style and design. As casual or as dressy as you like, these are sure to become a staple in your jewelry collection. Necklace : 31" + ext, Pendant : 1 1/4" X 2 3/8", Earrings : 1 5/8 long.
  • Calliope


    Sparkling, sexy and captivating, this large, double circular crescent pendant is set with shimmering ice vintage cryrstals. Set in reclaimed brass, the eye-catching pendant hangs from the center of a long goldplated chain. Quiet enough for everyday, it also adds a subtle sophistication to your more formal outfits. Necklace: 28" + ext, Pendant : 2 1/4" diameter.
  • Alba


    Sleek and sculptural, this spike necklace set imparts a commanding power to your look. Delicate reclaimed brass chain connect to polished spike stations. A pair of spikes dangle earrings completes the edgy yet delicate statement. Necklace : 33" + ext, Pendant : 1/4" X 2 1/8", Earrings : 1 3/8" long.
  • Plum II

    Plum II

    This stunning, one-of-a-kind necklace exudes a quiet, earthy and effortless sophistication. Five asymmetrically cut mixed toned agates are encased in a meticulously hand-wrought setting of 14K recycled yellow gold with a delicate chain dripping along the edges. The quintet connect to form a horizontal pendant which hangs from the center of the goldplated reclaimed brass chain. Its elegant sophistication also has a casual, effortless and style-defining look. Length 19" + ext . Pendant: 2" X 3 1/8".
  • Verity


    This one-of-a-kind necklace can completely define your look. The smooth drops of picture jasper are the color of muted moss with earthy russet and mustard flower patterns.Each stone is set with 14K recycled gold to create a necklace with stunning, sophisticated elegance. Length : 30" + ext Pendant : 1 5/8" X 4".
  • Ophelia


    With its eye-catching color and craft style, this necklace is a must-have for any boho jewelry collection. The saturated beads of blue glass crystals held by a hand-wrought frame of reclaimed brass. The oblong raw cut blue agate is the center of the piece that dangles from the base. A 29" long chain creates a ultra-verstaile everyday piece. • PENDANT : 2 3/8"
  • Rowan


    Bold, earthy and sculptural, this one-of-a-kind necklace is a stunning echo of bohemian luxe. The saturated, turquoise has angular, jagged edges and a surface of captivating variations. Alternating with clear quartz, the pendant is held by hand-wrought prongs setting of 14K recycled yellow gold. The pendants hang from the base of a goldplated reclaimed brass chain to create a striking, unconventional and style-defining necklace. Length 19" + ext. Pendant : 2" X 2".
  • Ever


    This stunning, one-of-a-kind necklace exudes a quiet, earthy and effortless sophistication. Four asymmetrically cut mixed toned green agates and vintage blue glass are encased in a meticulously hand-wrought setting of 14K recycled yellow gold with subtle chain dripping along the edges. The quartet connect to form a horizontal pendant which hangs from the center of the goldplated reclaimed brass chain. Its elegant sophistication also has a casual, effortless and style-defining look. Length 19" + ext . Pendant: 3/4" X 3".
  • Willow


    With a hint of casual, ethnic, bohemian style, this one-of-a-kind necklace is the perfect addition to any warm-weather ready ensemble. The long double goldplated and gunmetal chains have a center large pendants made with mixed gemstones and glass beads of jade green, smokey and lavender with vintage Swarovski crystals. Wear it long or wrap it around for instant multi-layers!
  • Bijou


    Intricate, fluid and with a water-like quality, this one-of-a-kind stunning crafty necklace is made of rows of beads, cascade of chains and genuine prehnite stones. The composition forms a large pendant hanging from the center of the necklace and is anchored by three raw cut large prehnite. Elegant, sophisticated and exquisite in every way, it exudes a quiet radiance and confident sense of personal bohemian style. Necklace length 32 1/4" + ext. Pendant 1 3/4" X 6".
  • Lyric


    Edgy, earthy and striking, this necklace is made with burnish reclaimed brass with gun metal chain accent and a horn shape pendant with subtle engraving. Cool, contemporary and ultra-modern, pair them with everything from business basic to weekend casual. Length 33" + extension. Pendant 2 1/8" wide.
  • Hera


    With its captivating composition and contrasting color combination, this necklace also adds a distinctive versatility and sophistication to any collection. The three layers of tassels with green and gold patina reclaimed brass create a luxurious necklace and alternating pattern. Its effortless earthy elegance makes a goddess statement. 17" plus 3" extension.
  • Apollo


    Bold and straightforward in the goddess warrior inspired design, this Apollo necklace features a sun ray of spiked rays forged out of reclaimed brass on one side and vintage clear rhinestones peak out from the other for a glam-meets-ancient aesthetic. 16" plus 3" extension.
  • Palatki


    Cool and distinctive, this pendant necklace adds a carefree, relaxed style to any outfit. A patina blue green copper starfish with fluid, elegant lines is adorned with sparkling vintage crystal pavé in the center. Dangling from blackened copper chain, the look is dramatic but perfect for every day wear. Necklace 16" +extension.
  • Paperboat


    Remember when my sisters and I were little and we were so good at making origami. This is definitely a nostalgic precious piece to me. Made only a couple pieces of this limited edition necklace 16" + extension. Pendant about 1" X 1/2 ". Made with silverplated reclaimed brass.
  • Heart Of Gold

    Heart Of Gold

    Definitely an expression of love and a year-round favorite, this hand-hammered reclaimed brass heart dangles sideways along the fine goldfilled cable chain and rests quietly at the base of the neck. Wear this on it's own as a subtle statement-maker, or layer it with your other favorites for a cool, personalized look. 14kt goldfilled necklace 18". Pendant 1" X 1 3/4".
  • Zuma


    Spanning the center portion of this bright and distinctively modern necklace are a cascade of little columns of amber resins and turquoise drops, each approx 1 1/4" tall. They dangle from reclaimed brass chain to create a look that is both modern and glamorous. Amp up the color quotient in your collection with this casual necklace. Necklace length 17" + extension.
  • Nest Necklace

    Nest Necklace

    Marrying a perfect size with an airy design, this pendant has a lyrical, earthy shape. Goldplated reclaimed brass forms an open organic round nest. With a charming, earthy style, this easy-to-wear necklace has a modern style and sculptural look. Pendant diameter 1.75" strung on 18" necklace with extension.
  • Olive II

    Olive II

    Made with raw reclaimed brass, the horizontally set olive branch pendant has a lightly antiqued patina set with cable chain. Simply, elegant and earthy great for everyday wear. 16" + extension. Pendant measures 2 1/4" X 1".
  • Heart Angel

    Heart Angel

    This timeless necklace is a Hovey Lee classic. Re-created in her spirit, this necklace can be your personal talisman. The resin center heart, imprinted with a peacock feather image, is being held by the angel wings. The pendant hangs from the reclaimed brass necklace.
  • Archangel


    Strong and bold, feminine and ethereal, this Archangel necklace is as style-defining as it is stunning. The angel wings are forged from reclaimed brass and set with sparkling vintage crystals. The tips of each wing attach to necklace of old brass links to create the only piece of jewelry you will need to wear for a statement-making look. 16" with 3" extension.
  • Angel Garland

    Angel Garland

    This stunning statement necklace is a continuous strand of shimmering silver dots fringe. Each of the little round shaped dangle is a sparkle. Spaced at close intervals, the look is distinctive, angelic and fun. Wear it as necklace with its gorgeous 22" or wrap around the wrist to create a statement bracelet. Made with silverplated reclaimed brass.
  • Fern Acres Necklace

    Fern Acres Necklace

    Add an unusual and artistic flair to your collection with these! Inspired by the random geometry and inherent beauty of nature, this pendant is a rendition of ferns. Beautifully stylized to create a cutting edge accessory, the 1 1/4" diameter round webbed pendant dangle from 18" long chain. Made with silver or gold plated reclaimed brass.
  • Honeycomb


    This necklace embodies a bold geometric design. Vintage rhinestones are set in a meticulous frame in the hexagon honeycomb design. They connect to become the multi-strand 17" necklace with 3" extension. Fun, playful and with a natural elegance, these would look great paired with anything from your summer casual favorites to something more formal. Available in gold or silver-plated. Check out the Honeycomb earrings too.
  • Mirror


    Extraordinary in its sparkle and design, this very limited edition necklace is as stunning as it is earthy. The large vintage glass teardrop pendant, 7/8" W X 1 1/2" L, hangs from the center of a two strand antiqued silver necklace with beading. Looks amazing worn solo or added to your layered collection of favorite necklaces. 18" long + 3" extension.

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