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• Oct 2015 12 Eco Friendly Jewelry Makers in USA features Hovey Lee.
• Aug 2015 Issuu Magazine La Dolce Vita fashion spread features Hovey Lee.
• Feb 2015 Valentine's Day gift guide on You & Me This Morning, WCIU Chicago. features Hovey Lee Eco Jewelry collection.
• Jan 2015 Asukam Style Valentine's Day Gift Ideas features Heart of Gold necklace.

• Dec 2014 Little Black Shell features Goddess earrings.
• Dec 2014 BeYOUtiful Hope Ethical Fashion Ethical Fashion Haul: Fall, Winter & Holiday 2014 features Hovey Lee Eco Collection.
• Dec 2014 Retro Housewife Goes Green Holiday Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers features Fern Acres Earrings.
• Dec 2014 FashionhedgeEthical Holiday Gift Guide: Made in the USA features Hovey Lee Hera Necklace.
• Nov 2014 Beads and Brass features Hovey Lee Twig II Earrings.
• Nov 2014 Home Life Abroad features Oceane Cuff.
• Oct 2014 LA Style Fashion Week Swimwear that offers luxury and unique details features runway jewelry contributed by Hovey Lee.
• Sep 2014 Martha Stewart American Made Finalist
• Aug 2014 Love and Ace: Side View features Zipper bracelet.
• Aug 2014 Love and Ace: Sedona features HL Sedona collection.
• May 2014 Gift Net News Hovey Lee Jewelry is Eco-Chic, Recycled Metals, Reclaimed Vintage, Ethical and Beautiful
• Feb 2014 VietBeauty Magazine Shopping Guide features Mermaid earrings and Archangel necklace.

• Dec 2013 Coco Eco Magazine Punk It Up story featuring Runway Pearl necklace.
• Dec 2013 Factice Magazine la Dolce Vita story featuring Rhombi earrings and Vanna III necklace.
• Nov 2013 Seek Me Magazine features a collection of eco jewelry by Hovey Lee.
• Sept 2013 Let's Be Fair Blog features Athena Earrings.
• July 2013 Coco Eco Magazine California Dreaming cover story featuring Reef Earrings.
• June 2013 Meuse Magazine Fashion Editor’s Picks.
• June 2013 UrbanTimes Magazine named Hovey Lee 5 of the innovative jewellery brands.
• June 2013 Coco Eco Magazine Fashion Editor’s Picks - Reef Earrings.
• April 2013 Lucky Magazine: Celebrate Earth Month - Pasadena II earrings
• April 2013 Coco Eco Magazine Fashion Editor’s Picks - Serpent Ring.
• April 2013 Vegan Fashion Festival - Snake earrings.
• March 2013 California Apparel News. LA Fashion Week collaboration with Soldat Tailoring.
• March 2013 Refinery29: Get To Know Lila Mae- Oceane Cuff.

• December 2012 Inhabitat Green Gift Guide - Oceane Cuff.
• November 2012 Coco Eco Magazine Fashion Editor’s Picks - Oceane Cuff.
• November 2012 Eco Salon: Ultimate list of sustainable jewelry designers from a-z
• November 2012 GoodLifer Good Stuff: Black on Black
• June 2012 Eco Salon: Stars & Stripes
• March 2012 Women's Health Magazine featured Hovey Lee Eco Jewelry
• February 2012 Eco Salon: Valentine's special
• February 2012 Eco Salon featured Hovey Lee Stella Star necklace
• February 2012 Sun Herald featured Hovey Lee Eco Jewelry
• February 2012 Eco Salon featured Hovey Lee Allott necklace

• December 2011 Women's Health Magazine featured Hovey Lee Rosewood earrings
• September 2011 Funtastically Green: HOVEY LEE
• August 2011 London Evening Standard featured Hovey Lee Campbell V earrings and more.
• August 2011 Our Butterfly IV makes it in Conducive Ethical Style Fall Womens Accessories Trend Alert.
• July 2011 Splendor: Jewelry Weblog: HOVEY LEE
• June 2011 Harpers Bazaar UK rounded up over 30 statement pieces, including our Structure Ring.
• February 2011 Splendor: A Celebration of Jewelry Designers: HOVEY LEE
• January 2011 Greemwala Green social network interviewed our designer Hovey Lee

• December 2010 Women's Health Magazine featured Hovey Lee Ash Leaf cuffs
• November 2010 Dare 2 Magazine featured Hovey Lee Ash Leaf cuff
• August 2010 Fashion Evolved featured Hovey Lee Spike earrings.
• June 2010 Eco Style MagazineSummer issue featured Byzantine X charm bracelet.
• May 2010 Fashionista's BlackBookSummer issue featured Shalesh Gold bracelet.
• March 2010 Our Byzantine X bracelet is featured on White Apricot Chain Reaction issue.
• February 2010 Our Time Capsule bracelet is featured on Ecoutrement Designer Spotlight.
• February 2010 Our Shalesh Gold bracelet is featured in the Scoop Feb Seeking Designers issue.
• January 2010 Our Silver Prism cuff is featured in 7X7 San Francisco LifeStyle magazine.

• December 2009 Our Peace Price ring is featured on White Apricot Peace on Earth issue.
• November 2009 Our Victorian V necklace is featured in the Cocoecomag Holiday issue.
• September 2009 Access Hollywood host Maria Menounos wearing our Copperfrilli ring and Gunmetal Cone bracelet in the Cocoecomag Anniversary issue.
• August 2009 Our Gold Press III cuff is mentioned in Green Diary Make heads turn with chic eco-friendly jewelry.
• August 2009 Our Structure ring makes it in UK Marie Claire 10 Best What to Wear This Week.
• July 2009 Coco Eco Magazine features hot swimsuits with our Evelyn bracelet, Copperfrilla necklace, Campbell IV earrings, and other pieces.
• May 2009 Coco Eco Magazine Fashion Editor’s Picks.
• May 2009 Plutoz The Consumer Guide to the Internet discusses our collection.
• April 2009 Cosmopolitan UK features our Campbell III earrings.
• March 2009 Lucky magazine features our Constantine VII earrings.
• March 2009 UK You Mag features our Structure ring.
• March 2009 UK Guardian features our Alaina necklace.
• March 2009German magazine Vital features our Woodbury ring.
• Feb 2009 Style Network features our Campbell VI earrings.
• Feb 2009 CBS Early Show InStyle segment
• Jan 2009 Womens Lifestyle features our Shalesh Silver bracelet.
• Jan 2009  German fashion magazine Petra features our eco-friendly pieces and the Structure rings.
• Jan 2009 Eco Fashion World gives a great review to our eco-friendly collection.
• Jan 2009 90210 actress Shenae Grimes wears our Deco Square earrings, Silver Prism cuff, Rosie Rose earrings

• Holiday 2008 Gulfscapes Magazine features our Beveley earrings
• Oct 2008 Style Network features our Cocktail Gumball ring
• Oct 2008 Audrey features our Number 33 necklace and Pink Mesh earrings
• Sep 2008 InStyle features G-Bird Necklace
• Sep 2008 Musical group Danity Kane wears our G-Bird necklace and Leaf earrings
• Jul 2008 Sprig Top 10 Best Neon-Bright Fashion Summer 2008 features our Cocktail Gumball ring
• Jun 2008 ELLE Spain Jun 2008 features our Sommer necklace
• Jun 2008 Audrey Jun 2008 features our Structure rings
• Apr 2008 Natural Health Apr 2008 features our Campbell earrings
• Apr 2008 Chicago SCENE Apr 2008 showcases our Sommer necklace
• Mar 2008 7X7 Fashion 2008 Neon Signs showcases our Sommer necklace
• Feb/Mar 2008 Audrey Feb/Mar 2008 features our Herrera cuff
• Jan 2008 WSAToday Spring 2008 Berry Brights showcases our Woodblock III bracelet
• Jan 8, 2008 announces our annual white sale
• Jan 6, 2008 Shop Jewelry
• Jul 2007 - Jun 2008 Panelists of VH1 Best Week Ever wear Hovey Lee Jewelry

• Oct 2007 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Smashbox Studios Getting Green
• June 26, 2007 CBS Early Show - Tavia earrings in the East Coast look
• April 2007 Elle Girl features our Black and White Resin Bracelet
• April 2007 People StyleWatch featues the Cystalline ring
• July 2007 InStyle features our Tavia earrings
• March 2007
People StyleWatch features Byzantine IV necklace
• April 2007 Audrey features Naida earrings
• May 2007 People StyleWatch features Silver Mirror cuff

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