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Add these feather earrings to your collection for an element of earthy and bohemian style. The copper patina engraved feathers exude a confident, eclectic and statement-making look making them perfect for any casual outfit. Match perfectly with the Yakaya necklace! Earrings dangle 1.5″.

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  • Beaver


    These earrings have a flirty, fun and casual design. Made with patina copper, the open cowboy boot design creates a pair of earthy and effortlessly bohemian earrings. These earrings make a great, understated alternative to the traditional collection. 1 3/4" tall.
  • Nebu


    This symbol represents gold which was considered a divine metal, it was thought to be the flesh of the gods and related to the brilliance of the sun. Connecting one to another, reclaimed brass Nebu amulets form a linear, saturated arrangement. The burnished gold color lends an antique feel, and the center carnelian stone on the earrings make them truly special. 1 1/4 x 2 1/2 inches
  • Bazini


    Earthy, elegant and distinctive, these chandelier earrings have a bohemian presence that is sure to elevate your favorite fall looks. The front facing design is full of eye-catching movement and rich warmth. Perfect as a gift for yourself or a friend, these are as affordable as they are easy-to-wear. 1" X 2 5/8".
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    WAS $48


    Hathor is an Ancient Egyptian goddess who personified the principles of love, beauty, music, dance, motherhood and joy. Reclaimed brass horn design with turquoise. 3/4" X 1 3/4".
  • Neige


    Playfully elegant in their modern, geometric design, these earrings are a configuration of open 5-points jacket with a high polished surface. With the restrained elegance and striking style, they would make the perfect stand-in for traditional gold posts.
  • Line 8

    Line 8

    These are a sweet pair that are so wearable and perfect for everyday. The feather light open figure 8 shape design is casual and easy to wear. 3/4" X 2". Available in two tones: Gold and Gun Metal.
  • Waterman I

    Waterman I

    Like their name suggests, these flower earrings are inspired by the jewelry artist Cathy Waterman's work, offer a distinctive feminine quality with golden light. The elongated, hand-fabricated tapered sticks gracefully curve into long ear wires. Casual, modern and minimal, their design and style make them the perfect, effortless pair of gold earrings for everyday.

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